magFish 鎂粒子洗衣小魚 green color

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magFish is a laundry product without chemical Made from 99.95% pure magnesium


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magFish 鎂粒子洗衣小魚 green color


** magFish washing products without chemicals ** 🐠 magFish 🐠 will clean your clothes without using detergent and softener and will leave your clothes just as clean and fresh. Additionally, this product will cut out residue build-up in your washing machine prolonging its life. 🐟 magFish 🐟 is made from 99.95% pure magnesium which is a naturally occurring element packaged in our handmade linen fish. There are no chemicals added to this product. The magnesium in magFish is produced from a factory that has received the ISO9001, SGS report standards. It is contained in a bag of muslin cloth to allow water to pass through it easily. This bag is double stiched and very secure. This is placed inside the outer 'fish' and the fish is hand stiched to a very high standard. There are no concerns about the magnesium balls escaping from the fish as there are two secure layers containing them. magFish 由 99.95% 高純度的鎂構成,特別加工變成圓球狀,當這種鎂球與水接觸時,水裡有很高的能力去除污垢,讓衣物洗的更乾淨!另外,由團隊手工車縫的魚外衣以及內裡,讓鎂離子順利的可以溶解在水裡 🐟 magFish 🐟是一隻愛護水源的魚,除臭能力強,不含任何合成的化學物質,對皮膚跟敏感性肌膚的人非常合適,可重複使用 360 次,非常經濟省錢, 但也要看使用方式,不含任何合成的化學物質,不會污染土壤與水源,達到愛護水源,節省洗衣服的時間(省電)。 __關於 magFish 的細節__ **magFish life cycle** **Visit the fish market 逛逛魚市場** **如何搭配使用洗衣機* magFish 適合任何洗衣機,洗 9公升的衣服,可以搭配一隻 magFish,超過九公升,則搭配兩隻魚,以此類推。 1. 丟進一隻 hagfish 讓他可以在洗衣機裡面游泳,建議留一些空間讓魚可以自在的悠遊 2. 可以設定約 30 ~ 40 分鐘即可,因為不需要花時間把化學物質洗掉 3. 洗完之後別忘記也把小魚拿出來曬乾 **如何使用 magFish** 1. 把 magFish 放進水裡游泳約 2 ~ 3 分鐘 (不只是浸泡,而是要讓它在水裡移動,才能釋放出鎂粒子) 2. 把 magFish 取出水裡,然後放進衣物,如果衣服很髒,可以泡 5 ~ 10 分鐘,浸泡完就可以正常洗刷衣物。 3. 可以直接把衣服拿起來曬,不需要再沖洗一次,如果衣物真的很髒,可以重複 (1) 一次。 **鎂離子如何讓衣物變乾淨** **magFish 如何幫助你節省資源** ORP magnesium ball (Mg99.95%) reacts with water (H2O) and free hydrogen ion (H +) and OH-. This in turn makes the water more alkaline (pH9). The alkaline water is able to penetrate into the fibres of material more effectively. With centrifugal force from the washing machine, the water molecules collide with dirt from the fabric fibers and breaks them down. The fibers of the fabric are penetrated by the molecules of the water, pushing the dirt out, causing the fibers to swell up as it should. Another reaction is catching onto odour, causing the odor to disappear. At a level where the pH9 of the water (around pH8-pH10), most bacteria will also can’t live normally, thus causing the bacteria attached to the fabric from sweat to disappear and at the same time removes the smell. Therefore, pure magnesium can clean your cloth, eliminate odor, get rid of bacteria and help your clothes soft as that textile should, and leave no chemicals behind in the water or fabric. #lovefishwatersustainability #magFish #orpmagnesiumballlaundry #laundrywithoutchemicals


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