SV935 (Argentium)-nuance curve pierced earrings Impossible earrings

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SV935 (Argentium)-nuance curve pierced earrings Impossible earrings


* Crawling earrings are not possible. Earring ring type. * This earring has been renewed. (The 5th picture is the earring after renewal, the color is the gold version) ~ What's Argentium Silver®? ~ Argentium Silver® is patented and trademarked by Argentium Silver Company. Argentium Silver® is real Sterling Silver. (SV935 = 93.5% silver) The addition of germanium causes it to not tarnish like traditional Sterling Silver, and it contains nickel-free. So it stays bright and beautiful for weeks, months, or years. Brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium and traditional Sterling. Argentium Sterling Silver® is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to keep clean. Simply wipe away any dust or finger marks with a soft cloth or, for more intricate pieces, wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately to avoid water marks. An occasional wipe with a clean silver polishing cloth will help to maintain Argentium silver's beautiful shine and lustre. Avoid using coarse, contaminated or old cloths as they may impair the surface lustre of Argentium silver. As recommended for other precious metals, it is advisable to remove Argentium silver jewellery before entering chlorinated or salt-water swimming pools / jacuzzis and before carrying out activities where Argentium could come into contact with chemicals. Our popular series Nuance Curve Earrings Argentium Silver SV935 version. Argentium Silver is a cool, sophisticated and timeless basic color that gives off bright light and a soft glow. The design is simply a gentle curve Depending on the angle you draw and see It looks different. Shine with the reflection of light along the curve It's very beautiful. The position and angle of intersection, It is a pierced earring with a commitment. The length is not too long and the vertical lines can be emphasized It is a moderate "long". Because the appearance of the curve is different You can wear it on either your left or right ear! For casual and elegant styles It's easy to match and it's light It's also comfortable to wear! Simple and easy to use It is a basic item. All SV935 is recommended for gifts and gifts! ~ What is Argentium Silver (SV935) ~ It is a material that can drastically reduce discoloration by forming a film on the surface by replacing a part of copper, which is the cause of darkening and oxidation of silver, with germanium, which has an antioxidant effect. Argentium Silver® is a registered trademark, nickel-free, safe silver that is also licensed for tableware. Argentium Silver is also called SV930, but we use higher purity SV935 (93.5%). For daily cleaning, just wipe the dirt lightly with a soft cloth. Furthermore, it is recommended to store it separately from other metals in a sealable bag such as a zip lock. (If you avoid the usual SV925 and other metal wipes, you can maintain the discoloration prevention effect in a better condition.) <Size> Total length about 6 cm <Material used> SV935 (Argentium Silver®) <Parts used> All SV935 (Argentium Silver®) * Since tools are used, there are some scratches. Please understand. * Since each item is made by hand, it is not a perfect object like a machine made, but the left and right are made as much as possible, but there are some differences. * We deliver with nano jewelry coating so that you can keep it in better condition for a long time. -About shipping- Since I live in Vietnam, I will ship from Vietnam by international airmail. (2 weeks from the date of shipment) -Please read before purchasing- ・ AN (Japanese) handmade one by one. ・ Because it is a handmade product, please understand that there may be some differences between the photo and the actual product. ・ The color of the photo may look slightly different depending on the device you are viewing. ・ Because it is delicately made, please handle it with care. ・ Natural stones may have shades of color, inclusions and cracks, but please understand that they are unique and attractive because they are natural stones, except for obvious defective products. <Care method> After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth that does not have abrasives. After that, it is recommended to store it in a bag with a zipper. For daily cleaning, just wipe the dirt lightly with a soft cloth. (Avoid normal SV925 and other metal wipes, and prepare one wipe exclusively for Argentium to maintain the discoloration prevention effect in a better condition.) Produced by Japanese / Made in vietnam


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SV935 (Argentium) -nuance curve pierced earrings


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