Glass art glass vase Retro Round medium

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Glass vase with retro chic color.


Glass Art RayColors

Glass Art RayColors 逛設計館

Glass art glass vase   Retro Round medium


Glass Art Studio RayColors
"Glass Art Ray Colors" was born based on color therapy.
I am making glass art works while feeling the sun and the nature of Ryukyu Okinawa.

Rhythm in the heart ~.
Rhythm to life.
Rhythm in space ~.
Rhythm to fashion ~.

☆ Masterpiece name ☆
● Glass art glass vase Retro Round medium

・ I made it into a chic vase with nostalgic colors.
・It is Japanese kimono design.
・ You can leave it on the window side to enjoy the light, or
you can decorate the flower with water.
・ Wedding celebration and birthday, Mother's day, Employment celebration, Advance celebration, etc.

Those are the awesome gifts for you and for everyone.
This masterpiece will be your special gift to your families or friends.


☆ Material ☆
・ Base: Glass
· Line: Chic antique color lead wire.
I bend a lead wire that can be pasted on the window by hand.
・ Film: Polyester
A stained glass dedicated film that can be pasted on windows.
Light resistance year 20 years.
It is a film that is resistant to discoloration by sunlight.

☆ size
・ OD 12 cm Height 25 cm Glass thickness 0.5 cm

☆ Usage notice ☆
・ The color of the work may differ from the image of the picture by the ray.
・ Because all items are handmade, things like lines and scratches might be little happens
in the process of making, but enjoy as a view of nature.
・ As long as you do not put the lead wire in your mouth, there is no effect on the human body.
・Please note that children do not put in there mouth.
・ Please do not use near fire.
・ Because it is a very strong film for sunlight, even if it is placed
on a strong sunlight window,
for 15 to 20 years.The color is will remain the same as before.

☆ Maintenance ☆
・ In general, please wipe with a wrinkle and cloth such as glasses wipe.
・ When you are particularly concerned about dirt, please wipe with a cloth moistened with water.
・ Do not use alcohol cleaners or detergents.

☆ When arriving at work ☆
・ I will ship within 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays) normally.
Delivery date, etc, if there is your preferance, please fill in the remarks column at the time of purchase.
・ If it is damaged at the time of delivery, it will be newly produced and replaced.
・ If there is a work based stock, I will make it again with the same design, near color and send it.
・ Please understand that works of exactly the same color and pattern can not be made.
・ If there is no base, I will inform you with repair or alternative measures.
・ Please contact us within 7 days for product damage due to accident during shipment.
Taking into consideration the above, I am sure that everyone can enjoy having those awesome masterpieces and brighten up your day and life.

From Okinawa with love ~.


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