KUBO Cup | Charcoal & Gold Edition

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This cup is a part of "Charcoal & Gold" Collection. "Morning Coffee" special gold illustration by Assaf Benharroch.



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KUBO Cup | Charcoal & Gold Edition


KUBO Cup | Charcoal & Gold Edition "Morning Coffee" Illustration by: Assaf Benharroch The KUBO cup is a coffee cup (espresso/americano), and tea cup. This design with it's straight lines and "sharp" edges, gives a nice twist to the traditional Japanese tea cup look. A cup for all those who cherish delicate precise craftsmanship. The Charcoal Glaze on that cup, gives it a mature serious look, with a nice modern chic. This cup is a part of "Charcoal & Gold" Collection, a new exciting collection with over 50 different illustration by various artists. This cup has a unique illustration on by Assaf Benharroch of a man drinking coffee. On it's other side, it has a golden logo. Perfect for tea lovers, for tea ceremonies and as a unique piece on the table. Great for black tea, oolong, pu erh and other tea beverages. Classic Size for all those who enjoy Americano coffee (like I do) or Double Espresso. This is an original design, delicately crafted at the studio. All hand made, using slip cast clay and special glazes developed in my studio. The fun part of pottery for me is finding and working on every detail there is, my pieces are all carefully crafted with the biggest attention and care for every aspect of the work. The Charcoal & Gold Edition goes into long process of production and craftsmanship. Beige stoneware, glazed from the inside and outside with the studio's unique glaze. With a gold decal illustration on the outside. Dimensions: 150 ml, diameter 7 cm, height 6.5 cm, the weight is 75-95 grams. *All sizes are approximate! - Food Safe! To keep the gold shining and vibrant it's best to wash by hand. No microwave. * MADE TO ORDER Most of the products are made to your order and have a 3-4 weeks production time. I usually try to keep a small stock of my products, but It's almost impossible to have all the variations. Feel free to contact me and check what's in stock for fast shipping! * DISCLAIMER Due to all being handmade, each cup is unique and will have slightly different features from the one in the photo. None of the cups are perfect (like we are), so there might occur some imperfections.


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