Money gift envelop MATSU-MUSUBI <White×Orange>


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    It is a simple colorful design of MATSU-MUSUBI, typical good luck charm.
  • It is a simple design to enjoy the color contrast of MATSU-MUSUBI(pine knot) which is one of typical good luck charm.
    Combination of clear white and silver knot on vivid bright orange envelop has a presence even it’s simple.
    You can use it for various occasions such as wedding, baby gift, housewarming present and so on.

    MIZUHIKI is a Japanese original decoration cords which twists yarn or film on thin cords made by WASHI paper.
    Each MIZUHIKI knots have each meanings. It’s knotted on presents and gifted in Japan.
    TANZAKU(strips of paper) is used to write sender’s name to tell who the recipient receives it from.
    About NAKA-BUKURO(white simple envelop in Money gift envelop), sender inserts bank notes into it and inserts that into money gift envelop again. If not necessary, please remove it.
    You can open Money gift envelop from the bottom and no need to remove the decoration to open it. Please check the description when you open it. Description will be attached with illustration.

    Material: Paper (smooth vivid matte paper)
    *IIDA City in Nagano Prefecture is the most famous for producing MIZUHIKI these days. These MIZUHIKI are made in Japan by traditional method.

    <Details of contents>
    -Money gift envelop
    :Please choose the TANZAKU written in English or Japanese and inform in the remarks column. Except as otherwise noted, TANZAKU in Japanese will be enclosed.
    Both TANZAKU has 2kinds of words.
    English TANZAKU;”Best Wishes”, “Happy Wedding”
    Japanese TANZAKU;「寿」(kotobuki=congratulations), 「祝」(iwai=celebration).
    Both are acceptable for any celebrations or special occasions in Japan.

    *Please inform in the remarks column if the blank strips of paper is necessary.
    *The color might be slightly different from the actual products by viewing environment or photographing conditions.
    *There is a bit of a discrepancy because all production process are by hand including folding gift envelop and knotting MIZUHIKI. Please be understanding of this beforehand.
    *It won’t be able to change the product contents after purchase. Please send inquiries before your purchase is confirmed about the possibility of color change or request to pack with other items.
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Money gift envelop MATSU-MUSUBI <White×Orange>

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