Mino Japanese Paper Drop Assorted Earrings / Clip-On

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紙 耳環/耳夾 多色 - Mino Japanese Paper Drop Assorted Earrings / Clip-On


An assortment of Mino Japanese paper earrings / Clip-On that makes you want to eat. It is a candy-like work made by stacking layers of hand-colored Japanese paper one by one. A small gift box is packed with a single-grain type "Mino Washi Drop" that you can easily wear and feel no inconvenience in your mask life. How about a gift for your loved one or a reward for yourself * Two colors are available. A type ... A refreshing drop like early summer (soda, ramune, lemon) B type ... Spring-like and lovely drop (lemon, ramune, strawberry) Both contain the popular "ramune". * The shape is only the one in the photo. [Please select from the options to change the assortment type and metal fittings] We use soft and thin Mino Japanese paper for this work. In order to improve the color development, many sheets of Japanese paper are layered on the solidified resin. The layered Japanese paper is further impregnated with resin to give it a transparent feel while retaining the texture of the Japanese paper. Since it is not natural stone or glass, it will not break even if dropped by mistake. If it gets wet, the Japanese paper will become a little moist. (It feels like damp paper) It is not completely waterproof, so if it gets wet, gently drain it. * Refer to the notes below << About materials >> The Japanese paper uses Mino Japanese paper produced in Gifu prefecture. Mino Japanese paper is made by using plenty of water from the Nagara River, a clear stream in Gifu prefecture, and bleaching it cleanly over time. Mino Japanese paper is made by pouring the blessings of Gifu. Candy ... Mino Japanese paper / resin (LED resin) Metal fittings ... Surgical Stainless Steel(glass coating construction) Size ... Approximately 2 to 2.5 cm Weight ... Approximately 1-2g -The light comfort unique to Japanese paper reduces the strain on your ears even when used for a long time. -It is impregnated with resin (LED resin) for durability and water resistance. -Since there is little discoloration, you can enjoy the texture for a long time. -The metal fittings are coated with glass. -You can use it with confidence even if you are allergic to metal or are concerned about discoloration of metal fittings. (* The effect of glass coating is not permanent.) "important point" As each item is handmade, the size, shape, color, etc. may differ from the image. Please note. It is coated with resin for durability and water resistance, but there is a risk of cracking or damage if too strong force is applied. Please be careful when using it. Also, do not soak this work in water for a long time or leave it wet. If it gets wet, gently wipe it off with a tissue paper or soft cloth and dry it well. If it will not be worn, clean the metal fittings and store it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.


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No.50,419 - 配件飾品  |  No.7,424 - 耳環/耳夾
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☆ Can be used for any hairstyle. ☆ It looks more beautiful when you hold it over the light. Please use it when you go out ♪ ☆ You can use it all season.


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