Glass art Japanese dyeing texture framing art Old to Modern

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I made Okinawa 's traditional craft' BINGATA dyeing 'image. It is reversible and can be used on both sides.


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Glass art Japanese dyeing texture framing art Old to Modern


Glass Art Studio RayColors "Glass Art Ray Colors" was born based on color therapy. I am making glass art works while feeling the sun and the nature of Ryukyu Okinawa. Rhythm in the heart ~. Rhythm to life. Rhythm in space ~. Rhythm to fashion ~. ●Glass art Japanese dyeing texture framing art "Old to Modern"● I designed it by imagining and coraborating the Ryukyu (okinawan)traditional BINGATA and Japanese dyeing and weaving pattern. Itis a framed frame wall made with glass art, or desk stand art. ☆ Specification ☆ ・ Glass arts on the front of two pieces of glasses. ・ There is space of 1 cm between the glasses. ・To the glass on the back side, you can paste photos and papers according to the application. ・ Change the color of the lead wire on the front side and  the back side (1 side antique color, 2 side natural silver color)  so you can make your favorite one for each. ・One transparent acrylic stand is included. ・ Put your favorite pictures on the back side of the glass and put it in a photo frame. ・ Place letters, menus and so on into the welcome board. ・ Wedding celebration and birthday, Mother's day, Employment celebration, Advance celebration, etc. Couldn't this masterpiece be a very special gift? ☆ Material ☆ · Base: with 2 glasses · Frame wooden · Line: Double-sided, front side chic antique lead wire. reverse side: Natural silver color lead wire. I bend a lead wire that can be pasted on the window by hand. ・ Film: Polyester A stained glass dedicated film that can be pasted on windows. Light resistance year 20 years. It is a film that is resistant to discoloration by sunlight. ☆ size ・Outer frame: Width 42.5 cm Height 35 cm  Depth 2 cm   Frame width cm  ・masterpiece itself : Width 40 cm Height 31.5 cm Glass thickness 0.2 cm ☆ Usage notice ☆ ・ The color of the work may differ from the image of the picture by the ray. ・ Because all items are handmade, things like lines and scratches might be little happens in the process of making, but enjoy as a view of nature. ・ There is aged deterioration on the lead wire of natural color (silver)as time goes by and depending on the environment, it gets shimmer in about half a month to about 5 years, turns into grayish gray.mad silver, ・ As long as you do not put the lead wire in your mouth, there is no effect on the human body. ・Please note that children do not put in there mouth. ・ Please do not use near fire. ・ Because it is a very strong film for sunlight, even if it is placed on a strong sunlight window, for 15 to 20 years.The color is will remain the same as before. ☆ Maintenance ☆ ・ In general, please wipe with a wrinkle and cloth such as glasses wipe. ・ When you are particularly concerned about dirt, please wipe with a cloth moistened with water. ・ Do not use alcohol cleaners or detergents. ☆ When arriving at work ☆ ・ I will ship within 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays) normally. ・Delivery date, etc, if there is your preferance, please fill in the remarks column at the time of purchase. · This frame will be limited to the actual item, if damaged when delivered, new works can not be made. Thank you to cancel your order. ・ Please contact us within 7 days for product damage due to accident during shipment. Taking into consideration the above, I am sure that everyone can enjoy having those awesome masterpieces and brighten up your day and life. From Okinawa with love ~.


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