wafu --Ama 褲 子 Midweight Linen Unisex Monpe Pants / Amber b005d-kau2

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wafu linen clothing
wafu linen clothing
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wafu --Ama 褲 子 Midweight Linen Unisex Monpe Pants / Amber b005d-kau2


These pants not including other items: tops, shoes, and so on. --------------------- Made in Japan / wafu japan [detail] Unfortunately, we Japanese thought "monpe pants" made us feel like their design is "old and unsophisticated" because the design reminded us of Japanese old history like the war. However, we've found that they are completely super useful pants for many occasions like work out, yoga, farm and of course casual look! And it's so nice to alter the design of monpe pants to modern silhouette. These pants definitely are listed in your everyday outfit routine. Elastic waist Two elastic band inside of the waist Holes to replace the band Belt loops Ankle length Elastic hem Pockets [material] 100% Belgian Linen Medium weight Pre-dyed Color: Amber It gets softer and more comfortable after multiple washes. Dyed linen may transfer color and lint when first washed. Please wash it separately to avoid color transfer. After a few washes there will be minimal to no color transfer. It may have nep (pilling) on the surface. * The color of the fabric may vary slightly due to production. <COLORS> TRIAL PRICE! Sage >> https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Yqha58Dc Black >> https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/zxSpMd2a Eggplant >> https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/3LS3Jks2 Dark Tan >> https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/swnNjeND Vert Cypres >> https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Gm3TWJC5 Navy >> https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/NdFd6f7P [sizing] Waist ... 63-100cm Hip ... 106cm Thigh width ... 36cm Length ... 97cm Front rise length ... 33cm Inseam ... 68cm Hem width ... 15-25cm * Our size guide is below [model review] Model: 163cm, 58kg / Bust: 88cm, Shoulder width: 42cm, Upper arms: 26cm Model Size: M ~ L in Japan It's comfortable and makes me look slim thanks to the beautiful silhouette. The elastic hem keeps the length right on me. The waist is nice not too loose and not too tight. [staff reviews] Woman / Height168 / Japanese L size I'm feeling good with there monpe pants. The hem comes on my ankle and those elastic bands on the waist and the hem are very comfortable. Woman / Height158cm / weight50kg I've never seen such a cool monpe design ever !! It's so stylish and sophisticated. These pants are roomy but still nice on me. The length is adjustable thanks to the elastic hem so there is nothing worried about. Woman / Height154cm / weight44kg These pants are so comfortable and look lovely especially on the hem because it looks like a balloon because of the elastic band on it. The waist is right size on me and there is enough room around hip and thigh. Man / Height 168cm / weight 64kg They are perfect size for me thanks to the elastic waist and cuffs. The hem is perfect to be paired with snickers! ** Size Guide << Waist >> Double length of top of the pants or skirt << Hip >> Double length of the hipline << Thigh width Measure from the crotch to the end << Length >> Measure from the top to the hem << Front rise length >> Measure from top of the pants to the crotch << Inseam >> Measure from the crotch to the hem << Hem width >> Measure between edges of the hem


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We've found that the monpe pants are super useful for many occasions like work out, yoga, and of course casual look!


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