Tenugui Kasane's color ~ Yamabuki ~

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1~3 日
Tenugui Kasane's color ~ Yamabuki ~


【Description of item】 We will deliver a new type of towel from the towel town in Sakai, Osaka. Unlike pouring dyeing, which is called pouring, it is a technique called roll printing. For the first time in Japan, or for the first time in the world, dyeing with different front and back colors has become possible. [Dyeing technique] hirali is based on its own reversible dyeing technology using roll printing, Using the ancient Japanese culture of "stacked eyes", By using Japanese seasonal motifs and dyeing the front and back with different colors, you can enjoy an unprecedented color. [Material] The more you use it, the softer and softer the texture will be. As it is slightly thicker than a normal towel, it has higher absorption and absorbs moisture well. In addition, it dries quickly and keeps it clean. [Kasane's eyes] Yamabuki Yamabuki blooms with young leaves in late spring. Even in the design, I used the color of the flowers as they were, and made a piece suitable for spring. It looks like a star or a flower, and adopts a pattern called the Nanban Cloisonne with wishes for family harmony and prosperity. ~ What is Kasane's color? ~ In Japan, where the four seasons change, the beauty of the landscape has grown as well as the beauty of the people. He was sensitive to the changing seasons and began to use the colors of nature in clothing. In the Heian period, they enjoyed the colors created when the outer and lining of the clothing were layered, and the 12th singles who wore their colorful clothing while shifting them were born. Kasane's color scheme is the concept of color in Japan, and hirali interprets the ancient Japanese color culture once again, and works together to create a towel that adds color to everyday life. You can enjoy "Kasane no Ome" about seasonal words every season. For presents, rewards, and everyday life. By all means, a special one. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ ■ Specifications Size: 340 × 900mm (both ends are cut off) Material: 100% cotton Dyeing: Japan's first reversible printing using dyes, with different front and back dyeing. Roll printing has the characteristic that color discoloration is less likely to occur compared to pouring. Made in Japan -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Precautions when using ・ Because the edges are left uncut, there is some fraying at the beginning of use, but it calms down naturally. -Usually hand washing with water is sufficient. ・ Use of detergent containing fluorescent agent or bleach, leave in water for a long time, Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as it may cause fading. -Ironing at high temperatures can cause discoloration, so be careful.


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Using Japan's first towel reversible dyeing technology, you can enjoy different colors on both sides. (I dye the front and back of a piece of pure white cloth with different colors)


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