Mimosa earrings for a limited time

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Mimosa earrings for a limited time


I was fascinated by the beauty of the mimosa and made this work. I wanted to express mimosa, so I thought about the design for about half a month. I combined a number of rounded wires to create a round flower lover like a mimosa. The leaves are knitted with beads. Please wear it under the sky. Please feel the beautiful luster of the resin. Please note that this is a seasonal item and will not be resold. Please do not make a mistake in choosing this work, as the Clip-On and earrings are different from the base. If you make a mistake, please purchase again. Size: about 2.8 cm Weight: 1g As of March 20, 2020, some deliveries of mail, Yu-Pack, etc. have been delayed due to the suspension of domestic airmail due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. At the time of overseas delivery to Japan, of course, the residence or the person who collected the goods, and the capital was required, so the English talent was sent. English text for the residence of the landlord, but Kanji for the city in front of the person who collected it, illegally donated! Recipient name contract "Must-have English sentence"! There are places where deliveries cannot be delivered due to city closures. Please note that if you purchase a work in a closed city country, we will notify you and cancel it from here. In addition, if you do not receive the item due to city closure after delivery, you will be responsible for the shipping cost. note that. ⭐️ Currently, we cannot reply to the transaction evaluation. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we do not respond to emails except in a hurry. note that. There is a lot of email content in the end, and you may have missed it. Sorry for your inconvenience if you have any questions about the work or repairs. Please email HP. ⭐️ It is illegal to make a complaint due to the customer's convenience, or to deal with the content of the text of harassment, harassment, or harassment more than necessary. Also, please note that the purchase will be canceled from here. ★ There are many mistakes in selecting metal fittings, so please check again. ⭐️ For those who purchased one-of-a-kind items or limited items Please note that we cannot accept cancellations of limited items or one-of-a-kind items. Remember that there are other customers who want it. ★ About new coronavirus measures All production work is done by wearing a mask and disinfecting. We also manage products thoroughly for preventive measures. However, if you are worried, please refrain from purchasing. ● About 16K GP ● It will be plated with a thin film of 16 gold. It is a material that is gentler on the skin than full plating. However, if it is used for a long time, the plating component will dissolve into the skin, so it is recommended to replace the metal as soon as possible. Feel free to email me about replacing metal fittings !! If you are allergic to metal, please be sure to change to resin earrings !! ● About the delivery status It will be delivered in a round box. Customers are responsible for any damage during delivery. note that. At the time of delivery, it is packed tightly, but if it is damaged, please contact your local post office. Depending on the delivery method at the time of delivery, there is compensation, but please contact us by yourself. ● For those who want it in a hurry Please email us before you buy, as we may be able to handle it. ● Damage during delivery If there is no guarantee, please purchase again. For guaranteed delivery, please consult the post office! In case of communication with this, it will be a round-trip shipping fee ➕ repair cost, so please understand before purchasing. ● About gift wrapping Gift wrapping is free. Check the second image. No message card is attached. ● Those who made a mistake in the metal fittings Some works can be replaced with metal fittings, and some cannot, so please contact us by email. The shipping fee will be borne by the customer for both round trips. The shipping fee will be paid at the post office (separate account). ● About bubbles Bubbles are made to be as few as possible. Even if there are air bubbles, there is no problem with durability. Since there are a few bubbles, we cannot respond to the request to replace it. Please note that it is handmade. ● About color Liquid resin is an unstable substance whose color changes with humidity and temperature. I make the work by making the colors as close as possible, but the colors may be different. Please note that it is handmade. ● About repair If the resin part is torn, it cannot be repaired as described as a delicate work. Please purchase it again. Also, please note that we do not sell or accept orders for only one earring. ● About returns Please refrain from accepting returns because the image is different or the product is too delicate. ● About overseas shipping tariffs When sending goods overseas, customs duties may be incurred in the partner country. In that case, please note that the customs duty, etc. incurred will be borne by the recipient. ⭐️ Please purchase after consenting to all # Yellow earrings # Dipart # Dip art # American flower # Mimosa earrings # Mimosa # Mimosa earrings


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I made earrings with the image of mimosa flower lover


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