14 kgf Starfish x Vintage Pearl Bijou Drops Earrings earring / ear clip

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malle la brocante
malle la brocante
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寶石 耳環/耳夾 白色 - 14 kgf Starfish x Vintage Pearl Bijou Drops Earrings earring / ear clip


https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180521_b17882.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180521_cc4b1d.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180521_87733d.jpg ↑ 14 kgf pierced earrings ear needle https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180521_627d58.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180521_04f42a.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180520_f76de6.jpg ↑ brass earclip https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20180621_d533e2.jpg 【This is order production. Please understand that we will wait up to 2 days】 Pearl bijou is given to a drop type hoop It is a piercing OR ear clip combined with a starfish charm. Drops include vintage glass pearls and I collage crack crystal. Crystal has the vitality activation Elimination of accumulated toxins in the body It seems that there is an effect of larval / purification. It is also one of April's birthstone. Every crystal has "the ability to absorb minus mind and purify it" Although there is a feature, Cracked crystal is said to be stronger than other types of force. Due to the nature of natural stone ※, crack, Incidentals and size individual differences may be seen. These are proof that stones are natural, they are attractive and individuality of natural stone Thank you for your order only if you understand. Since the piercing hook is 14 kgf You can use it with ease if you have allergies. Also, even if you do not have any allergies As there is no worry that gold will peel off like plating You can use it for a long time while staying beautiful. As a result of trying various brass ear clips, it seems that pain is the most painful I made it with clip style earrings. This is not a spring type, so according to your own earlobe thickness You can adjust the width to be pinched. I think that the part to be pinched is also moderately wide, and it is difficult for pain to appear even with long-term use. For those who have been suffering from pain, they are the earrings I'd like to try once. The part to be sandwiched is coated with resin, I am trying to make it difficult for the metal to touch the skin directly If you are allergic please do not purchase. Motif size: Approximately 3.8 × 1.6 cm (size not including hook) ※ The size has some errors one by one. ■ What is gold filed ■ It is a piece of gold crimped to a material (brass) with high heat and pressure, When the weight of the layer of gold (10 K or more) is 1/20 or more of the total weight including the material, I call it Gold filled (gold fillet). Because it is made of a much thicker layer than gold plating, Even if it is used for a long time, it is hardly peeled off. In the West, costume jewelry etc., It is frequently used in luxury accessories. You can also use jewelry cleaners. (The cleaner can not be used for the motif part) It is allergy free material, but allergies do not come out to everyone Please note that it is not a material. Points to note when purchasing Since it is handmade it is slightly distorted Individual differences in part position are certain. Also used parts such as vintage, antique The old one is used. This part is more chronologically aged, chipping, rust, Pearl paint peeling etc may be seen. For handmade, antique parts use We are waiting for your order of those who can understand. * Please confirm the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us. From the viewpoint of hygiene, if you install it even once, we will not accept returns. Even if you are not trying on discounted items you can not exchange or refund. Returns by image difference will be charged with round trip shipping fee. Items shipped by free shipping will also be borne by the shipping fee when shipping. Customers who wish to return many times even if they are repeaters We may refuse to accept subsequent orders Please understand in advance. ※ Estimated delivery days Arrives in Taiwan / Hong Kong after 6 - 8 days from shipping date We will arrive in Japan within 1-2 days from the shipping date.


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Pearl bijou is given to a drop type hoop It is a piercing OR ear clip combined with a starfish charm.


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