Acorns in Japan: Japanese blue oak, Quercus glauca (Hook Earrings) made-to-order

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We focused on Japanese acorns and made tiny sculptures with precious woods.



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Acorns in Japan: Japanese blue oak, Quercus glauca (Hook Earrings) made-to-order


**Acorns in Japan: Japanese blue oak, Quercus glauca (Hook Earrings) made-to-order** Acorn is one of our representative motives. For this series, we focus on Japanese acorns and make tiny delicate sculptures with precious woods. This series is normally sold as a made-to-order. But if there are stocks, we can deliver them without waiting time! Please refer to the stock information below. Stock information: No Stocks (made-to-order only) [ The type of acorn ] **Japanese blue oak, Quercus glauca** "ARAKASHI" in Japanese. The body is barrel shape and has a pattern in the vertical direction. The cup of the acorn is shaped like a shallow bowl with horizontal stripes. ------ EARRING (Hook) Material: Titanium TWO acorns will be included. ACORN Body: Padouk; Cup of Acorn: JINDAI KEYAKI Size: Height=Abt.20mm Width=Abt.10mm finished with wax ------ JINDAI: Lignitized. It is the precious wood that was buried in a long time in the earth or water. KEYAKI: Japanese Zelkova. A hardwood, quite popular wood for furniture or sculpture in Japan. It has a beautiful grain and when buffed, it takes a polish. - Please note that this item is not aroma diffuser. [ How to order ] - For made-to-order, it normally takes 4 to 5 weeks to produce the item. The time differs depending on the preparations or other productions. Please contact us before purchase, we will let you know the expected schedule at that moment. - After purchase, we will contact you to confirm the production period, delivery schedule and arrangement, etc. Please reply. We will start producing after your reply. [Customizing] Hook earrings can be changed to Clip earrings or Resin earrings. If you wish, please let us know when you purchase. Hook type: Titanium (normally set with this type) Clip type: Nickel Resin type: Resin [ About customizing ] This item is not customizable to different accessories. detail size [ How to Care ] -Wipe with a dried soft cloth for daily care. -If it is wet with water, wipe off immediately and dry. -If the surface gets too dried, Wipe with a soft cloth lightly moistened with Walnut oil. (If not, vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil or olive oil will be fine.) -Polish with oil will cause a change of color or texture. [ Notice ] - It is simply finished to enjoy the color of the wood. You can also enjoy the changes in texture as well used with care. - Since we use natural materials, each item is a different color, pattern, and texture. - Please note that the item will not be exactly the same as the pictures shown here as we produce them by hand. - Most of the pictures are zoomed-in. Therefore it might seem larger than the actual size. Please see the actual number written for the size. - Please note that the color might be different from what you see. It depends on the monitor you use. - The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. [About gift wrapping] We offer FREE gift wrapping. Please tell us when purchasing. [ Express Shipping ] For regions outside Japan, you can change the shipping to EMS (Express) with an additional fee. ----------------- Shitamachi Lab's tiny wooden sculptures -wooden acorns- are designed and created to be "Art piece to carry around". Tiny tiny acorns are carved and finished by the artist's hand with arranged Japanese traditional wood lathe techniques and delicate carving techniques. The body and the cup of acorn are strongly connected with the tenon. You can wear them either every day or on special occasions. -----------------


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