Van Gogh Starry Night Macbook case MacBook Air MacBook Pro Retina hard case 1508

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塑膠 平板/電腦保護殼 藍色 - Van Gogh Starry Night Macbook case MacBook Air MacBook Pro Retina hard case 1508


Macbook case. Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night Macbook Pro 14 2023 M2 (A2779) Macbook Pro 16 2023 M2 (A2780) ♫ About our ultra slim Macbook case ♫ All cases are made from highest quality eco-friendly slim acrylic. Each case will be individually hand-printed upon receiving your order. The case will cover the back and corners of your Macbook. Your Macbook looks marvelous even after using for a long time. Easy access to all ports and functions. Will protect your device from bumps and scratches. Easy to clean. Easy to put on and take off Please note that Marble/Stone/ Wood/Linen/Fabric/Leather/ Texture are not real, are PRINTS. This is hard case, not a sticker or decal. The set has two parts - a top and bottom. The top is printed with the image and the bottom is clear. There are two options with or without the Apple logo. "With Logo" option means, the artwork is printed on the case leaving the logo area unprinted so that the MacBook's Apple logo is visible. "Without Logo" option the full printed artwork. With logo (Apple logo is visible) Without logo (full print) Available MacBook models: MacBook 12" MacBook Air 11" MacBook Pro 13" MacBook Pro Retina 13" MacBook Air 13" MacBook Pro 15" MacBook Pro Retina 15" Macbook Pro 13" 2016/2017/2018 Macbook Pro 15" 2016/2017/2018 MacBook Air 13" 2018 MacBook Pro 13" 2019 MacBook Pro 15" 2019 MacBook Air 13" 2019 MacBook Pro 16,1 (A2141) year 2019 MacBook Air 13 (A2179) year 2020 MacBook Pro (A2289) year 2020 MacBook Pro (A2251) year 2020 MacBook Pro M1 year 2020 MacBook Air M1 year 2020 MacBook Pro 14 (A2442) MacBook Pro 16 2021 (A2485) MacBook Air M2 (A2681) MacBook Pro M2 (A2338) Macbook Pro 14 2023 M2 (A2779) Macbook Pro 16 2023 M2 (A2780) If your model number is: A1534 choose MacBook 12"; A1465 or A1370 choose MacBook Air 11"; A1502 or A1425 choose MacBookPro Retina 13; A1398 choose MacBookPro Retina 15; A1278 choose Pro 13" before 2016; A1706 or A1708 choose Pro 13" A1706/1708; A1989 choose Pro 13" (2018) A1989; A1707 choose Pro 15" A1707; A1990 choose Pro 15" (2018) A1990; A1466 or A1369 choose Air 13" before 2018; A1932 choose Air 13" (2018) A1932 A2159 choose Pro 13" (2019) A2159 A2141 choose Pro 16" (2019) A2141 A2179 choose Air 13" (2020) A2179 A2289 choose MacBook Pro A2289 A2251 choose MacBook Pro A2251 A2237 or A2337 choose MacBook Air M1 A2237/ A2337 A2238 or A2338 choose MacBook Pro M1 A2238/ A2338 A2442 choose MacBook Pro 14 A2442 A2485 choose MacBook Pro 16 A2485 ♫Terms of delivery ♫ Note please that we will make your order and ship it within 5-7 business days. European Union orders: Time of delivery in the European Union is usually 1 week. International orders: Delivery usually takes 1-2 weeks, but shipping time varies with countries. Of course, we trying to produce the same color that you see on your monitor, but unfortunately, sometimes actual color tones could vary due to monitor color restrictions. Maybe slight shift of the image due to each phone model has a different size. Thank you for your visit. If you have any questions or any problems with your order, send me please email for more information. I will be pleased to assist you. Nice day!Manufacturing location(s)/process(es)Hand made in the Czech republic - Europe


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