Handwoven Fabric Card Holder / "brick pavement"


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    Rustic, simple and stylish.
  • The top fabric of this card holder is hand-woven with natural dyed handspun nettle, hemp and silk.


    This card holder has two pockets, one on each side of the fold. One is with depth and holds about 10~20 cards; the other is a slit that holds about 2~5 cards.

    Outer dimensions: approx. 11.5cm x 7cm/4.5" x 2.7"
    Outer material: nettle,hemp,silk, natural dye
    Lining cloth: wildsilk(handwoven in India)

    Cleaning Instructions:
    Do not wash this item with water as the inside is made of cardboard.
    For any stains or blotches, pat with a cloth dipped in hot water and tightly wrung out.

    **Please note**
    Because it is a natural material, each product made from it is subtly unique and the delivered item may differ slightly in their color and texture.
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Handwoven Fabric Card Holder / "brick pavement"

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