A small embroidery with 3 bead embroidery on the card case 1

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A small embroidery with 3 bead embroidery on the card case 1


It is a small mouthpiece with 3 mouths. Since the pocket is divided into two, you can use small items without cluttering them. The outer material with the quilt core is finely embroidered with threads and beads. Comes with a small cute tassel. The thread used was made by combining three types of selected threads. It is also perfect for storing small items such as candies, coins, medicines and accessories in the card case. I use a lot of fine beads, but it is difficult to remove because it is glued from the back. It is a one-of-a-kind item that is carefully hand-finished one by one. The beads and thread that are sewn tightly dance like an abstract painting. Not only does it shine, but the parts are matted to create an elegant finish with a variety of bright colors. It is a completely unique item that is not found anywhere and is not worn by anyone. When you take it out of the bag, you will be asked "Where is it?" Which brand? Which country? Where did you get it? What kind of meaning "where?" Will pop out? It is a one-of-a-kind item that is carefully hand-finished one by one. Because the quilt core is attached, it is fluffy and durable to the touch. Material: Wool, beads, etc. *** Please check the shipping method before purchasing. "Overseas delivery" is a delivery method for customers outside Japan. Please be careful not to select customers in Japan. Please note that even if "Overseas Shipping" is free shipping, it is still in the overseas sales campaign and does not apply to domestic customers *** * Due to the sewing process and the characteristics of the material, fine wrinkles may appear on the outer material, especially around the base. There is no problem in using it, but we recommend that you do not purchase it if you are interested. Also, please note that we cannot accept returns after purchase. Overall size: Approximately 7.5 x 13 cm (excluding base) Handling Precautions: Due to the characteristics of the material, the fabric may fluff or the beads may fade due to friction or rain. We also accept gift wrapping for free. If you wish, please feel free to tell us. When ordering multiple items, there may be some discrepancies with the actual shipping cost. Please note. We also sell works on other sites. If there are duplicate orders, we will give priority to the customer who placed the order first. Thank you for your understanding. *Prohibited matter* Unauthorized reproduction of photographs and texts and resale of works (including use as parts) is prohibited.


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All are hand-embroidered ones. Various materials found in Japan and overseas are arranged abundantly and carefully finished one by one.


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