Indigo dyeing, light and refreshing, silk chiffon, wide stole_A pale

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Indigo dyeing, light and refreshing, silk chiffon, wide stole_A pale


A wide silk chiffon stall dyed indigo with natural indigo. I dyed a lighter color and a slightly darker color. This is the stall _A with a slightly pale and bright color. The width is about 90 cm and the length is about 145 cm. The color of the grass makes your face look bright. The wide stall makes it very convenient to put on your shoulder when it is a little chilly. Just wrap it around your neck and it will keep you warm even when there is a seasonal change or at night when there is a difference in temperature. The texture is silk chiffon, so it feels light. It is a thin type that allows you to see through your fingers, but when folded repeatedly, the color deepens, and it also keeps you warm. Since silk and natural indigo have an anti-UV effect, they help prevent natural sunburn when you go out. It is the best stall for cooling measures. Atk's plant dyeing and indigo dyeing stalls are used not only for daily use but also for multiple purposes such as book cover, still photography, birthdays, anniversaries, and recitals. Please enjoy the plant dyed stall dyed with natural fiber and natural dye at this opportunity. ◇Atk, even in normal cases, it is delivered in a package. ◇Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please contact us by dealings Navi. ◇ Before shipping, we will finish with a steam iron and deliver it. ◇It will be shipped after confirming the payment. We will inform you of the "tracking number" when the shipment is completed. *Sold at other locations as well. In the unlikely event of multiple purchases, we will contact you and give priority to the one with the earliest purchase time. Thank you for your understanding. ____________________ Width: about 90 cm Length: about 145 cm Weight: 33g Material: Silk Dye: Natural indigo ____________________ ◎Unlike chemical dyes, vegetation dyeing may cause some discoloration. It may take some time for the color to settle, so if you sweat or if it is not very dirty, wash it lightly with water. The color gradually subsides. ◎ We recommend light hand washing at home. When washing at home, please wash separately to prevent color transfer. Lightly shake or press wash in water or lukewarm water (0 to 30 degrees) mixed with "neutral detergent" (a small amount of fashionable detergent such as Akron Emar). Rinse gently twice, drain with a towel, shape, and dry in the shade. (2 to 3 minutes in the whole process) ◎ Please avoid washing machine, dryer and bleach. ◎The iron is warm at medium temperature, and please cover it with a cloth. ◎The vegetation dye will change its color gradually even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, citrus juice, sweat, and aging. ◎ If you leave it folded in a bright place for a long time, the folded part may get sunburn. When not in use, store it in a place where light cannot enter, such as a box or closet. ◎ When storing "wool" and "silk products" for a long period of time, it is safe to store them together with "drying agent" and "insect repellent" which is fragrance-free. Precautions when purchasing _________ *All are made by hand. Please understand that each work has a slightly different color and shape. *Please check the "size" and "material" of the product carefully before purchasing. *The color may look different on the screen than in the actual product. *100% natural dye, hand dyed one by one. Please note that there may be slight color irregularities. *If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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A silk chiffon stall dyed indigo with natural indigo. Please enjoy the gentle and natural hue like the dew of the flower of dew grass!


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