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    As a bedside table next to the sofa. There is height, so maybe illumination and a plant with beautiful leaves may be put
  • " The new life is inspired in something said that which is worthless and the value is invented".
    The one which is being produced using "tone phlegm" in a O concept is a GOROTANS series.

    We assume that the feel is smooth. I crack like a straight line from the top to the bottom, but if you'd also enjoy that as the part of the design, I'm happy. How about in the accent of the interior?

    From the reason that I say to a site in a mountain and a market of a wood "It's difficult to use."
    The short log you make left. It's called "tone phlegm" by industry terminology.
    It takes very long time for a big log before I return to earth.
    When it's let run by the wet and landslide disaster in the mean time, it collects on a dam and a river, and there is danger by which a suitable course to take disappears and brings big damage.

    If I'll make an improvement on such log, it becomes so nice.
    I'm producing by the thought that I say that you should be able to save a natural disaster even a little by rescuing a log.

    ※ The log is different in the shape respectively, so it has been completed by handwork one by one according to the individuality.
    ※ A tree is rather strong, a pill, for, it isn't used and it has been completed only by natural paint, so a crack is included to the center. There is also a possibility that a crack becomes big by a change in a season and the environment, so please accept it.

    Material: Domestic cedar
    Finishing: Beeswax
    The upper part: (Diameter) 290 Mm x bottom: (diameter) 300 mm x height :490 mm
    Weight :9.6kg

    [Attention on the use]
    * I live through a tree, so I'm breathing. There is also a possibility that a crack deepens by moisture conditioning of humidity, but if you'd also think of that as one pleasantness, I'm happy.
    * It has been completed by beeswax of natural paint, so when it's being used lengthily, painting becomes thin. Dryness improves a worrisome part by number 400 of a sandpaper, and when I pass the olive oil of holdings to cloth and soak in oil, gloss returns.
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wooden side table / GOROTANS

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