Baggizmo Gray Leather Sling Bag

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The Baggizmo is an innovative take on men’s carry bags that helps you travel light but carry more everyday.



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Baggizmo Gray Leather Sling Bag


This ergonomically designed cross-body bag is cleverly thought out with you in mind. In-built with an NFC tag that you can use as a virtual business card, amongst other things with specially designed, easy to reach compartments for all your tech accessories and possessions ensuring it stays slim even when it’s full! Key Features: -Stylish Design - wear above or under your jacket -Genuine Italian Nappa leather with soft and smooth feel -Breathable material on the back -Stays slim and elegant even when it’s full -Fixed in place during body activity -Rationally organized space with lots of compartments -Designed to fit a tablet, 2 smartphones, headphones, wallet, keys, power bank, etc. -Integrated with an NFC tag -Special channel for earphones to keep them tangle-free -Specially tailored (hidden) passages that allow the charging of your tech accessory -For right-handed people NFC in details 1. USE YOUR BAGGIZMO AS A VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD Stand out at any event or conference with your very own customizable business card. Simply write your contact information, social media details and your website on Baggizmo and you’re good to go. A plus side is that you can put more different information on NFC than you would on a traditional card. 2. LAUNCH A WEBSITE / LANDING PAGE URL WITH BAGGIZMO The NFC on your Baggizmo leads you to our webshop, however, you can rewrite the info and have it lead to any other site you to. This can save you a lot of time when typing those long website addresses. 3. BAGGIZMO CAN HELP YOU CONNECT TO YOUR CAR DURING THE DRIVE If you have a Bluetooth compatible car radio or headset in your car, then you can use the NFC tag to turn on your Bluetooth so your smartphone automatically connects to your radio or headset and let it play your favorite playlist. If you use your phone’s GPS to navigate, use a tag to turn on Google Maps and disable turning off the screen while charging. 4. TURN ON/OFF YOUR COMPUTER REMOTELY USING BAGGIZMO This is advanced but a great feature. This one is a little bit more advanced but great. Imagine coming to work, tapping an NFC tag on your Baggizmo which automatically turns on your PC or laptop. You need a few apps to be able to do that: Tasker Wol Wake on Lan Wan Trigger (formerly NFC Task Launcher) 5. USE BAGGIZMO TO LOCK AND UNLOCK YOUR DOOR If you have a smart home lock in your home, you can use the NFC tag to lock or unlock your door. Also, you can store data from your contactless card. 6. SHARE PICTURES OR VIDEOS WITH YOUR FRIENDS Have a friend with an NFC enabled phone? Bump your phones to share photos, playlists, or sync for a game. 7. MAKE FAST PAYMENTS ON THE GO Thanks to NFC technology, payment is starting to go mobile. NFC in Baggizmo is able to securely store credit card information and pay for goods by simply tapping on the payment terminal. 8. USE BAGGIZMO TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING You can also set your Baggizmo to wake you up in the morning. Simply place you Baggizmo in the living room or anywhere far from your bedroom. The alarm on your phone will only be disabled when it connects with the tag in the bag. This will force you to wake up in the morning. 9. SAVE BATTERY ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE Wifi, Bluetooth, and other external sources can drain your phone’s battery. You can program NFC in your Baggizmo to turn off these battery-draining accessories whenever you want and turn them back on. 10. TURN ON YOUR PHONE’S HOTSPOT WITH BAGGIZMO With an NFC tag in your Baggizmo, simply tap your phone to the tag and it will automatically fire up the phone’s hotspot capability. Perfect for on the go when you need a quick access point for your laptop or tablet. 11. TURN PHONE FROM / TO SILENT MODE If you’re a light sleeper, have a tag toggle your phone from vibrate to silent, allowing you a peaceful night’s sleep. In the morning, tap the phone back to the tag to return it to the original settings. 12. SEND MESSAGES WITH BAGGIZMO Program your NFC in Baggizmo to send morning texts to your SO or use a tag to respond to people while driving- program the tag to automatically send a message in response to the last text received that states “I’m driving, text you later,” allowing you to focus on the road. Baggizmo dimensions Length: 36cm Height: 26cm Width:1.5cm Weight:320g Shipping weight: 380g


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