Re-exhibition, plant dyeing, silk organdy, long stole, color matching_4, dusk

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1~3 天前
1~3 日
Re-exhibition, plant dyeing, silk organdy, long stole, color matching_4, dusk


It is a stall of silk organza (100% silk) that you can enjoy overlapping colors like Heian period. Hand-dyed one by one with cochineal and log wood. The color of the sky changes every moment. It is a rose that makes you feel the atmosphere of "Takusu" that is full of darkness. A rose containing a light, a rose containing a brown, and a dark rose that makes a black float. I dyed in 3 stages. It is also nice to put on the neck of the kimono. It is a chic, slightly Japanese style stall. "Plant-dyed / Silk / Organdy / Color matching series" is dyed with the thought that we want to express "a beautiful moment of nature" using the traditional Japanese color plant-dyed. The nobles of the "Heian Dynasty" in Japan are very sensitive to "Hanatori Fugetsu," and have developed their own unique sensibility like Japanese culture. The noble nobles were wearing many costumes, looking a little color from the collar and cuffs and enjoying the odds of matching colors. Depending on the season, clear silk clothing is layered over the costumes, and the clothing and clothing “Kasane” (colors can be enjoyed) to be seen through with light, “seasons, flowers and birds” and other natural transitions I was expressing. I think people in the Heian period who dyed "plant dyes" repeatedly and created many "Japanese colors" names had a very delicate way of enjoying. Depending on the intensity of the light, the way in which colors are seen differs slightly depending on the intensity of the light, such as sunny and rainy days. This stall is also an organdy material with a sense of transparency, so the overlapping parts become darker in color. Also, the underlying color may show through. You can use silk that has a high effect of protecting your skin, such as UV protection, all year round. Please enjoy "color matching of plant dyed" that can only be done by hand-dyed. At At atk, even in the case of normal shipping, it is packaged and delivered. 最適 Great for gifts! Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please contact me in dealings Navi. ※ We sell at other places. In the unlikely event that your purchases overlap, we will contact you and give priority to the earlier purchase, so please be aware. ____________________ Width: about 38 cm Length: about 200 cm (including 10 cm of bunch) Material: silk Dye: Cochineal Logwood ____________________ Production area / production method Japan / handmade 草 There is a possibility of "color loss" in planting. It takes a little time for the color to settle, and if it is sweaty or not dirty at first or two times, please wash it with water only. The color gradually settles down. 軽 い Light hand-washing at home is recommended. When washing at home, please wash alone to prevent color transfer. Lightly shake or wash in warm water (about 0 to 30 degrees) mixed with "Neutral detergent" (洗 剤 洗 剤 Akron · Emar, etc.). Rinse gently twice, drain with a towel and shade. (2 to 3 minutes on the whole journey). 避 け Please avoid washing machine, drier and bleach. 絹 Silk has the property of being vulnerable to high temperature and friction. Ironing is moderate, please apply the cloth. 草 Since plant dyeing is a natural thing, its color gradually changes even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, citrus juice, sweat, aging and so on. た If you leave it in a bright place for a long time, the folded part may tan. When not using it, store it in a place where light does not enter, such as a box or chest. 場合 When storing wool and silk products for a long period of time, it is safe to store them with desiccant and fragrance-free insect repellent. (Notes on purchase) ※ Because of hand-dyed by "natural dye", there may be some color unevenness. Please note. ※ We produce everything by hand. Please understand it as a point that colors and shapes are slightly different for each work. ※ Please confirm the size and material of the work before purchasing. ※ The color may look different in the real on the screen. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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I dyed the stalls of high-quality "Silk Organdy" using Japanese-made silk with plant dyed wood. I dye it in the image of "a beautiful moment of nature" with plant and dye.


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