Mug Kairagi×Kokusai S


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    This is a special glaze that evolved the traditional "Kairagi" and is ingenious.
  • Size:S φ8×7cm (200ml)
    Material: Pottery

    <Important Point>
    Because of handmade size and color may differ.
    · Microwave oven ○
    · Dishwasher ×

    <Delivery method>
    The work is put in a case, packed in cardboard and delivered.

    <Handling method>
    Do not immerse after use, please use a soft sponge with a neutral detergent for tableware to remove the dirt.
    Please dry after it then store it.

    <Production Process>
    Artist name: Taimei Takahashi
    [Clay formulation] → [Rolling molding] → [Engraving] → [Drying] → [Unglazed] → [Glaze] → [Bake] → [Finish]
    I am carefully making every one by hand all by hand.
    I feel like I'm interacting with materials and fire and feeling it with my senses.
    I want to deliver the work that my commitment is conveyed to everyone.

    "One and only"
    I am doing all the manufacturing process by hand, and I am mixing clay and glaze using original materials.
    While pursuing a tradition, I pursue contemporary design and create unique and innovative works.

    The thought put in "TACERA".
    "Handmade Technology"
    "There is only one in this world"
    "It is excellent"
    Pottery artist "Taimei Takahashi" works at the workshop "Kikigama" in Nanae Town, Hokkaido, Japan.
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    美國US$ 9.02US$ 2.71
    加拿大US$ 9.02US$ 2.71
    澳洲US$ 9.02US$ 2.71
    澳門US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    新加坡US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    英國US$ 9.02US$ 2.71
    馬來西亞US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    中國大陸US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    日本US$ 6.32US$ 0.00
    泰國US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    台灣US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    德國US$ 9.02US$ 2.71
    香港US$ 7.22US$ 1.81
    所有其他國家/地區US$ 11.73US$ 3.61
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Mug Kairagi×Kokusai S

US$ 36.08
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