Summer towel "full of jellyfish."

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Summer towel "full of jellyfish."


Sound of smth. Floating jellyfish on the surface of the water swaying in the night of the month in a sea of stars. Heavy feelings of their own way is, Yururi To forget swaying jellyfish. Stencil dyeing is towel of hand printing by. Since it has dyed by hand one by one, Each different is the color of attitude. There are front and back for hand printing, different concentrations of a little color. Cotton fabric is using a non-fluorescent, of Ri generation of unbleached fabric. Or it can be seen, such as small points such as that for black lint, Whiteness compared to the commercially available towel is or was a conservative. Friendly warmth of white. Size is approximately 95cm × 34cm. End has been kept accumulate hard hewn of dirt. If it is possible, such as if the thread has been fraying the cut each time You can use clean long. Towel fabric is that you are using a kind of statement, this is will be the fine line that was roughly a rather, may be correspondingly faster drying absorption, is the perfect dough just in the summer. Towel is there only has been used since ancient times, is comfortable to use great. Or wipe the body or wrapped around the head to wash the body in a hot spring, a big success. Immediately blotted sweat to go out of the summer, even if a little wet If walking toward the bag you have them dry. It does not take the place to carry around. Sunlight or wearing from head to strong day, Even hot day it be wound on the neck squeezing well wetted with water will spend cool. Perfect for yukata. For gifts is a towel also recommended for yourself. ※ I or exposed to water or steamed in the dyeing process. Also to be well washed with water after Someaga', The color fixing process so that you do not fall immediately color, It has sent after the washing. Washing is I think there is no problem in a normal, but there is also a possibility of discoloration color transfer. In particular, you might like the fall colors in containing laundry detergent such as fluorescent bleach. Wash, such as soap, we recommend hand washing because I think there is no problem. Size: 95cm × 34cm about **Notes at the time of the purchase** One by one has been dyed by hand printing of stencil dyeing. For this reason it may be seen, such as the color of the bleeding and shaking. In addition, because the fabric is using a non-fluorescent unbleached cotton fabric, There are also cases, such as black small point. Also color is gentle white in unbleached color. Handmade, we hope you enjoy as the color of the original fabric.


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