Himeji horse leather all leather wallet made in Japan L type hand fir leather shrink processing gift genuine leather [Wine red] JAW004 Christmas

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Leather Goods Shop Hallelujah
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Himeji horse leather all leather wallet made in Japan L type hand fir leather shrink processing gift genuine leather [Wine red] JAW004 Christmas


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFmLxlg36Eo After a lot of trial and error, I made samples many times, made corrections, and It's finally done. From the size of the wallet to the height of the coin purse, The color of the zipper, the thickness of the leather, the size when you hold it, We are particular about the details and finish it simply so that the texture of the leather is transmitted. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu01.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu02.jpg "Bueburo Leather" packed with the commitment of Himeji craftsmen Add one more effort to the conventional one It is a wallet that directly conveys "warmth". https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu03.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu04.jpg <What is Bueburo leather? > Horse leather from Himeji. The process is special, in addition to the conventional one The wax used for the surface processing of bridle leather is trapped in the surface. This creates a supple and luxurious texture. After dyeing Bueburo leather, the tanned leather is re-oiled. Exquisite temperature control at that time is very important. Made in Japan leather that has been completed through a delicate process by skilled craftsmen. The look of deep Bueburo leather We have added the trouble of wrinkling Bueburo leather, Expresses shading and unevenness. The leather look is richer. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu05.jpg The inside has a soft finish. Uses tough cow leather. By using thick and tough leather inside, For a soft and solid finish. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu06.jpg Tape color that adjusts the overall balance. By adopting the fastener tape that best suits each wallet Produces a sense of dignity and unity. Antique gold is also used for the metal fittings, The atmosphere is further enhanced. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu07.jpg Not only the appearance, but also the discerning interior https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu08.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu09.jpg There are 13 card pockets in a spacious space that can hold a passbook. You can easily take out cards and coins because you can see the whole when you open it. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu10.jpg Only the inner card pocket is engraved with JAPAN FACTORY. There is a proof that it is Made in Japan. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu11.jpg A zipper-free coin purse realized by a calculated design and craftsmanship. Not to mention the ease of removal, it will not fall even if it is turned upside down. ■ Color https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu12.jpg Camel https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/VJejArWb Choco https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/5eeHwZwv Natural https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/X8qrvMMe Olive https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/XeBvvyyL Wine red https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/aTv74Ff8 Black https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/6V7dK7Yg Navy https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/ZKwQaNdt The coloring pursues the goodness of leather and can be used by both men and women. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu13.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu14.jpg ■ Size / Spec https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu15.jpg ■ Material Surface: Bueburo leather (horse leather from Himeji) Inside: Nume leather (cowhide) ■ weight 170g ■ Specifications All leather YKK fasteners Antique gold metal fittings Card holder: 13 places Wallet: 2 places Coin purse: 1 place (without zipper) ■ About the product Exquisite size, not too big and not too thick. Although it is an L-shaped fastener, the interior is like a round fastener. It opens wide and you can see the whole inside. In addition, the coin purse has no zipper and has a large pocket, so The structure is stress-free and easy to take out. 13 pockets are available to store cards as much as possible. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu16.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu17.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu18.jpg Impressed is half a year to a year after starting to use The leather is also softened, giving it a familiar feel to the user. At that time, you can feel that it is "the really best wallet". https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu19.jpg Aging --Aging-- One of the good points of genuine leather is that it is fun to use. The change is also attractive because it is a carefully finished material. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/bueburosaifu/bueburosaifu20.jpg ▲ Business card case using Bueburo leather Aging of Bueburo leather that has been used for about a year. The color becomes deeper and glossier. The state of aging varies from person to person depending on how it is used and how often it is maintained. The more you use it, the more it becomes "only for you". ■ Notes on leather https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/allleather_long/leatherattention.jpg ■ Wrapping Gift wrap This item supports gift wrapping (charged). How about a gift for your loved one? https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Js9D9NeS


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