Moriko Whina Square Scarf

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Moriko Whina Square Scarf


**ABOUT MORIKO** Moriko is a convenient adornment which can be worn in any occasions. Half of the sides is navy blue while the other half is white. It is such a smart way to look awesome because it feels like you have two scarves. And it turns out that you only have one. This 2 colors scarf enables you to try out some different styles. The size which is 90x90 cm matches perfectly with your head, neck, and shoulder. Just wear it as your nice headband, neck warmer, or neck scarf to top off your outfit. **THE STORY OF MORIKO** We use the forest as the design of Moriko because we do love nature. It suggests tranquillity and purity. We always consider the scarf designs process including the acorns put in Moriko's design. We chose acorns because there are many valuable things that we can learn from an acorn. An acorn is the embodiment of strength and power. An acorn also denotes persistence and patience. Acorns only appear when the oak tree is mature which takes more than 10 years. It teaches us to be patient and persistent despite the difficulty and obstacle that may hamper us to reach our goal. We always want to deliver story and valuable messages through Nanette scarf. And Moriko is a valuable message in the form of an artistic scarf. The scarf's meaning of Moriko is deep and worthy. It is not only a piece of cloth accentuating our look, but it is also a scarf which teaches us to be patient, strong, and persistent. So, get Moriko now because it is more than just a scarf. ** PACKAGING ** We always pay a good attention to the details of shipping packaging to make sure you will receive the best scarf. Before packing Nanette scarf, we always double-check it just to make sure that it is in an A-1 condition. Knowing that the scarf is ready to deliver is very crucial. After that, we iron the twilly with low temperature. We do this to eradicate any unwanted wrinkles on this stylish scarf. Then, we fold and put into a hard box sizing 16x8x5cm. There is also a blank message which will be addressed to you or the one who will receive this scarf. You can have us use our handwriting to write on the blank message. And we will make sure that the handwriting is quite legible. We wrap the hard box thoroughly using bubble wrap to prevent it from any damage that might happen due to hitting other objects. Finally, for the finishing touch of shipping packaging, we wrap it with a waterproof cover to protect it from any wet. **SCARF AS A GIFT** Giving a twilly as a gift has various meanings. Giving a twilly to elderly is the embodiment of respect. If you give a scarf to your boyfriend/girlfriend, it means you want to cherish him/her. Giving a scarf to your beloved family shows affection. And if you give it to your friend, it means you do appreciate your friendship. **Care instructions** 1. Hand washes the scarf in warm water with a mild shampoo. 2. Rinse in cool water. Be careful not to rub or twist the scarf too hard. 3. Hang it to dry or lay flat on a clean dry towel. 4. Iron/steam with a low to medium temperature. *PLEASE NOTE* Actual scarf colors may look slightly different from your monitor due to different monitor settings. Made In Indonesia




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