Kutani Thimble No.2 kinrande

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Kutani-pottery is a traditional handcrafts designated by the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry.


Kutani Thimble No.2 kinrande


About Kutani Thimble Tassels About Kutani Thimble Tassels Kutani thimble tassel are an entirely new style of tassel which was created and crafted by Art Fiber Endo and Kutani Tousen. Art Fiber Endo is a dyeing company in the Nishijin area in Kyoto where the luxury and high-quality silk fabric, Nishijin brocades was originated and the dyeing industry is prosperous Long–established Kutani Tousen was founded in 1863 in Komatsu, Ishikawa. We, Art Fiber Endo have collaborated with the Kutani porcelain manufacturer and wholesaler, Kutani Tousen and created Kutani Thimble Tassels. Kutani Thimble Tassels are beautiful tassels with a fusion of Japanese and western styles. They are dyed at our factory using original threads with traditional Japanese colours and we use luxurious Kutani porcelain thimbles and neodymium magnets attached to the hanging threads and tassels. As they are detachable, so you can combine your favorite thimbles with tassels and easily make your own Thimble Tassels. We have a wide range of items. 100 different kinds of Kutani Thimbles Over 60 types of tassels and hanging threads Kutani-pottery is a traditional handcrafts designated by the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry. It has a history of 360 years and it is one of the famous porcelains representing Japan. With the traditional Kutani porcelain colouring techniques which have been passed on for generations named “五彩手 : Gosaite”, “青手:Aote”, and “赤絵:Akae”, 23 Kutani artisans painted and made them with modern sensibility and skills. We dyed tassels with traditional Japanese colors and recreated color tones which have been lost over many years. We designed the tassels and made them easily spread by using rayon fabric with excellent drapes. The soft tufted tassel, solid thimble and attaching two different materials with the neodymium magnet makes Kutani Thimble Tassels unique and different from other tassels. Kutani Thimble Tassels are one of Cool Japan’s items from Kansai selected by METI (Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry) and they will be displayed at the gallery, Maison Wa in Paris from April throughout the exhibition as a part of the Discovery Kansai project which introduces Japanese products to other countries. Specifications of the goods: Kutani thimble tassel is made up of 3 parts, from the top of the item, hanging threads, Kutani porcelain thimble as a cap and tassels. A neodymium magnet is attached to the hanging threads and the tassel. The neodymium magnet is a very strong permanent magnet and they tuck in and fix the Kutani thimble firmly. The total length is 24 centimeters. Kutani porcelain thimbles which are used as a cap for the tassels can be sold on their own as a thimble. Hanging threads and tassels also can be sold on their own. Dear thimble collectors We assume many of you display your collections in thimble racks. In addition to the usual way of displaying, we offer a new way which can be used as decorations, interior ornaments and accessories. You can make thimble tassels with our threads and tassels, and display them in different places. Kutani thimble tassels can be displayed in your rooms as interior ornaments and decorations and also used as accessories on your bags and mobile phone without selecting a displaying place Try and Enjoy our Kutani thimble tassels!!


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