A parasol for rain and rain "Beni's Hatsukoi" (please use it for one piece, kimo

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Fusaizome Issinkoubou
Fusaizome Issinkoubou
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A parasol for rain and rain "Beni's Hatsukoi" (please use it for one piece, kimo


"The wind breezyly reminds us of a distant story. Who created the word Kyun ☆? It's cute and beautiful. And the ephemeral painful tickling. I feel like I can see the color that makes my cheeks red. " :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: size 58 cm when carrying around. When using it, the pattern can be extended to 70 cm. The radius of the umbrella is 78 cm. When ordering a folding umbrella, the size is just under 40 cm. You can also make the handle of the umbrella "hook" like a hook while keeping it as a long umbrella. In that case, the length is 75 cm to 79 cm and the diameter of the umbrella is about 84 cm. Specifications / Features -Dyeing and tailoring- This is a technique for dyeing the "wind" that can only be done in this workshop. It is dyed with a registered trademark and dyed with a brush one by one. The knot of the fastener is also handmade ☆ It is also a unique item that the color is changed according to the color of the umbrella. Sticking to bones, it's light! !! The handle is made of natural wood "paddock". -Durability- Originally, it is a hand-dyed parasol that burns and fades, but this product is Burns and color skips are not different! !! This parasol developed by the car brand LEXUS project is If a normal printed parasol has a durability of 3-4 against sunlight, this parasol is dyed with a dye that boasts a durability of 7-8. (Light fastness test JIS L 0843) In addition, the fabric has been processed to repel water, so it is also used for fine rain. UV processed. [Episode about works] The main job of kazeiro is the fourth generation of kimono craftsmen. It started when I was dyeing a kimono. A hand-painted kimono is stretched and dyed, so you can see it from below. It is very beautiful with the light coming in. It was around 2005 when I thought that a parasol would be absolutely beautiful. However, if you're going to make a parasol with a kimono fabric, the color will fade and the silk will be worn out. It's been 11 years since then. "LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT"was selected as the Kyoto representative in 2016, which prompted the production. In this research, I developed a technology to clear everything. It took me a year to research at the expense of many jobs. (I think I am the only kimono artist to be able to hand-paint a parasol.) The completed parasol was well received not only by those who wore the surrounding kimono but also by those who did not. I'm happy, and I enjoy the same thing one by one without dyeing it (not exactly). The true beauty of this parasol is the color that you are looking up at. You can say that you can call out just by carrying it around, but the face around you is the most beautiful. Even the tailoring is done not by the factory but by craftsmen one by one, so even if you replace the bones due to some accident, it can be done for about 5,000 yen (as of 2020), even if the fabric is torn. , I will be dyed. We hope you will use it as a parasol that will last you a lifetime.


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A parasol dyed with "wind" that makes you excited just by pointing. The dye is registered as a trademark, and it is dyed with a brush one by one. The handle uses natural wood, The knot of the fastener is also handmade ☆ For both rain and rain / UV cut


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