台灣手工眼鏡【MB F】系列 ­獨家專利 手感工藝美學­之行動藝術品


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  • 【獻給 正在拚搏的你、妳】
    手感工藝美學 之 行動藝術品
    The beauty of hand-made products
    【The perfect gift for you】
    We firmly believe that people can see our dedication,
    We do not aim at fast industrial production but at the warmth of hand-made products.
    We do not make a small brand for a big public, but rather a big brand for a small public.

    世界上 每一副Mr. Banboo台灣手工眼鏡 僅只一副。
    Mr. Banboo glasses are hand-made in Taiwan and there is only pair, for each type, in the world.

    【全球唯一 獨家專利】
    【World’s Exclusive Patent】
    We use original bamboo and its cortex, so that its flexibility can be maximized. The indentation is carried out with a hand saw at high temperatures which allow the final object to adjust itself to the elasticity of the face.

    目標 1: 手工量產 Mr. Banboo_老窗花_系列。
    目標 2: 把台灣手工眼鏡推向國際化,不讓國外手工眼鏡品牌專美於前。
    願景 1: 讓愈多人戴上我們共同的故事與回憶,激發心中三公分的哲學。
    願景 2: 如果能讓更多竹農二度就業,我想這會是我們想要做的事。

    難道台灣做不到? 【高度】
    我是吃台灣米喝台灣水長大的孩子,時常有人會問起,為什麼做竹子手工眼鏡,我的回答總是有著些許難過:在台灣,消費者所認識有質感的手工眼鏡,永遠只會有日本 德國 美國知名品牌,難道台灣做不到嗎? 我不相信
    Growing up in Taiwan, I was often asked by people why making manual bamboo glasses. I always answered them with a slight sorrow, “In Taiwan, the manual glasses that customers know are mostly brands from Japan, Germany and USA etc., why can’t Taiwan people do it?”

    為什麼選竹子做眼鏡?【因為 三公分哲學】
    所以 【你能不能 衝過這三公分才是關鍵】。
    Why choose bamboo to make glasses?
    Because of the philosophy of 3 cm
    Many people don't know that bamboo grows fast, but it may grow less than 3 cm in length in the first three or four years, because it needs rooting at first. The root can be spread to surrounding environment for two or three meters. In and after the fourth year, the bamboo will grow quickly at the speed of one meter each day. In only about 10 days, it grows to more than ten meters high. It’s rooting at the beginning. The key is whether you can push through 3 cm in length.

    品牌名稱初衷: Mr.Banboo & Mr.Bamboo
    兩者發音雖然很相似,但對我們來說意義卻是大大的不同,n與m的不同在於一道成功之門或令人左右不定的分岔路,而我只要 n 一道成功之門專注而不分心,因為成功只有一條路叫做堅持。
    Brand name’s original intention: Mr.Banboo & Mr.Bamboo
    The two names have a similar pronunciation, but we think they have a different meaning. The choice between n and m is like a choice between success and failure or when you are at a crossroads and have to make a choice. N is like the symbol of never giving up and of perseverance, because it is only through perseverance that one can reach success.

    【影之鱗 系列】夢幻逸品

    記憶裡小時候老房子的窗戶多半會有手工的窗花設計,除了防小偷還能美觀,更看出這一戶人家的品味,但因為時代的變遷,建築設計的改變,使的這些老窗花在新房子的窗戶已經看不到了,我想把這一些有溫度 有感情的老回憶能夠融入,記憶在這一支 【老窗花 台灣手工眼鏡】。
    Design: the temperature and memory of the home
    When I was young, the windows of old houses mostly have manual designed window grille, which has disappeared in the window of new houses with the transformation of architectural design as time goes by.
    I want to engrave these warm and emotional old memories in the old window grille Taiwan manual glasses.

    【衝過三公分 回家】影集

    Design in line with facial characteristics:
    Glasses have to look good but also feel comfortable They have to become a part of our body, and this will emphasize their uniqueness.

    麻豆柚子樹新生命: {楚楚柚人}
    我一直希望能讓更多台灣素材,發揮更大的價值,於是找上了 台南麻豆【5012柚意思】,將不要的柚子樹或果農裁掉不要的樹枝,能夠拿來再創新藝術,手做出全球【獨一無二作品】。

    【獨家專利】World’s Exclusive Patent

    【夢想再遠 堅持 就能走到底。】
    手工很多人都會,但呈現手感的溫度與思維,卻不是人人都能堅持得下去,心中一直有個願望,希望因為這樣而讓更多人有工作,尤其是住在山上的人們,因為山上就業機會確實很少,如果真能 把台灣手工眼鏡推向國際,那確實就能讓更多的人有就業機會,台灣竹山取材,願能為台灣竹子創造綠金奇蹟。

    【Perseverance is the key to the realization of your dreams】
    台灣竹山 手工製作
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台灣手工眼鏡【MB F】系列 ­獨家專利 手感工藝美學­之行動藝術品

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